So if you’re wandering around in your normal life and see someone you are interested in pursuing as a love connection, but you miss that connection because you can’t think of a witty pick up line, there is always a second chance.

Go on your local Craigslist and post your missed connection, on “Missed Connections.”

Here are a few samples pulled from Portland, Oregon’s missed connections.


you were walkin down 68th st – m4w (hazel dell)

and i drove by and we saw eachother. Then. Reply. I love you.


Hot mom at McLaughlin aquarium Sunday 2/17 – m4w

Hot mom at McLaughlin aquarium Sunday 2/17…… several times…..

Care to make a new friend? Even though you don’t know it….you are my secret crush! I would love to get to know you….. Any room in your life for a new secret admirer?????

You: mid/late 20’s, tall, dark hair cut short, pierced nose. You were with family I believe.

Me: dark shirt, wearing a hat…….

I can keep a secret…… Care to share any…….?


PSU Help Desk – m4w (Basement Office)

You were so very helpful today. And cute. It sorta’ felt like you thought the same of me? I wanted to say something; offer to buy you a drink for going above and beyond, but I’ve never felt it appropriate to do something like that while the person is working.

If you see this, and are interested in a simple drink, drop me a line. Tell me the name of the system that prompted my visit.


Blonde at the bar – m4w (Moonshine on NW 17th)

You were sitting at the bar. Looked like you were on a blind date. I was in the corner booth. We traded glances a few times. You left in a white BMW. Buy you a beer?


hey sexy, riddle me this, riddle me that… – m4w – 35 (portland)

well, I am the guy who put a very simple riddle to lead you here if you looked at my oh so very clever description…and I can’t get any mail where you and I both hunt for smiles. I really hope you read this and want to hang out with me . I think that you are a beautiful woman. I would like a chance to show you a great evening. u know who you are….


Hot Blonde in Tennis Skirt – m4w (IKEA)

I did like your tan, although I’d rather see the lines. You were positively striking.

I am not much for tennis, but I am up for anything athletic. Are you game?


I Said ‘What Great Boots’ What I Meant Was – m4w (Costco)

they made your rear look like a ripe Georgia Peach!

That electric yellow sweater really set that denim off too.

How about coffee? You’ll regret it if you dont…


Of course, now you have to suppose the object of your affection is actually going to go on Craigslist and find your post and answer you. Well, good luck with that. You may have better success signing up for an online dating service. Couples have found great success with online matches. Probably much better odds  than randomly posting on Craigslist.